A Healing Passion: Medicine in Glasgow Past and Present

The Hunterian Museum balconiesThe Hunterian was built on the founding bequest of Dr William Hunter whose medical collections were the core of his career, museum and success. ‘A Healing Passion’ is a permanent display dedicated to medicine in Glasgow and draws on these unique collections to reflect the illustrious heritage of the region.‌ 

Glasgow and the West of Scotland continue to play an important part in the history of medicine and ground-breaking medical research, producing many key figures and significant achievements. ‘A Healing Passion’ explores major and lesser known figures in medicine and showcases their achievements covering anatomy, pathology, surgery, obstetrics and public health.

Of particular interest are some of William Hunter’s original 18th century anatomical and pathological specimens, Joseph Lister’s carbolic spray, some of the first X-Ray films made by John MacIntyre, and one of the first ultrasound scanners ever developed. The adjacent 'Science Showcase' features medical research topics from time to time. 


'A Healing Passion' is located on the balcony level of the Hunterian Museum main hall, as a companion to the ‘Lord Kelvin: Revolutionary Scientist’ display.

Supported by the ReDiscover Fund (Wellcome Trust and Wolfson Foundation), a Wellcome Trust People Award, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and the University of Glasgow Chancellor’s Fund.