Coins and Medals

Stater of Lachares, Athenian, 296–94 BCE © The Hunterian, University of Glasgow.The Hunterian houses one of the world’s great coin collections, containing almost 80,000 coins, medals, tokens and related objects. ‌ 

Around 30,000 are from the original collection of Dr William Hunter put together at the end of the 18th century, when it was second only in importance to the French Royal Collection. Today it is Scotland’s premier collection in this subject.

The collection contains Ancient Greek, Roman, Medieval and Modern coins as well as medals from the Renaissance to contemporary Scotland. Many of these are unique or extremely rare and most are in superb condition.

The collection is extensively used for teaching and research, and several catalogues covering its major holdings have been published.

Image: Stater of Lachares. Athenian, 296–94 BCE, Gold.