Our Research Strategy 2020−25

We are delighted to share the launch of our Research Strategy 2020−25.

The research sector is changing around us. More than ever, funders and government require us to work as teams, across specialties, sectors, and countries, to address the world’s biggest challenges. The future requires looking beyond our boundaries and combining our ideas with those of others.

The importance of collaborations, national and international, will inevitably grow, requiring new ways of both sustaining and building partnerships.

Our new research strategy reflects these principals. Centred around three key priorities, collaboration, creativity, and careers, our strategy has a simple message: that we will succeed both as individuals and as a university by working collaboratively, building on each other’s ideas, and supporting the careers of those around us.

Now, as in the University’s history, our researchers show curiosity, openness, a strong social commitment, and a willingness to challenge the status quo. Our Research Beacons illustrate the breadth and depth of our expertise, our ability to work together to address global challenges and our commitment to deliver impactful economic and societal change, both locally and internationally.

Ana Basiri, Professor of Geospatial Data Science, knows how important partnerships are to creating impactful research which can result in world-changing outcomes. "Throughout my research career, I have worked with international academic and industrial partners from all around the world. The input and support from these partners have been pivotal to the success of my research career. As an early career researcher, collaborating with the greatest minds in my research area has helped me to move towards my ambitions faster”, says Ana.

“As a relatively new member of staff to the University, it is encouraging to see a values-based strategy which puts people at the centre. I am excited about what the future holds for me at Glasgow and look forward to contributing to the positive research culture."

Dr Tanita Casci, Head of Research Policy, says: “Big research questions need diverse ways of thinking and working. This strategy will value those who work together and who advance the careers of others. Improving our research culture does not mean compromising on quality. The bar will be as high as ever, but it will allow more of us to succeed.”

The values reflected within our strategy extend to our research collaborations with our partners around the world. By recognising each other’s strengths and celebrating our collective success, we move forward with our shared ambition to change the world.