Who are our contacts in Finance?

School/College finance support should be your first point of contact as follows

Business School Jacqueline Williamson
School of Education Eleanor Johnston
Sharon Cumming
School of Interdisciplinary Studies Claire Charkow
School of Law Rona Cameron
School of Social & Political Sciences Sarah-Jane Sharp
College of Social Sciences Jennifer Davies

Who should approve overtime claim forms?

Head of School, subject to review.

Who will sign off Post Management Forms?

This internal process will be subject to review, however in the interim the authorisation process is :

  • Jennifer Davies (Head of Finance)
  • Sharon McGregor (Director of Professional Services)
  • Professor Sara Carter (Head of College)

How do I place an order from August 2nd?

Purchasing officers and approvers have been set up. A review and validation of the set up will be completed by the end of the 1st quarter.   

Who should approve staff expense claims?

As an interim measure Head of School/Head of Subject can authorise expense claims. Further review on authorised signatories will be completed by the end of the 1st quarter.