Technology Enhanced Learning @ CoSS

The CoSS Learning Technology team provide support for staff and students in their use of applications and platforms used to support and enhance learning, teaching and assessment. These include tools such as Moodle, Office 365, Zoom, Mentimeter, and other supported tools. 

Our guiding principle is that learning technologies complement learning and teaching experiences and must not override learning outcomes. By collaborating with educators, learning technologies empower staff and students to improve interactions, reduce repetitive workload and expand beneficial synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning experiences.  

These pages contain brief descriptions and curated links to the most used functions and tools for Moodle, Videos, Zoom, and Digital Learning Tools

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Please feel free to contact us for any questions and/or suggestions. We can meet you for one-on-one advice sessions, or arrange group workshops for specific topics.

Contact us at, or book a consultation time.

TEL@CoSS - Microsoft Team

You can also join the TEL@CoSS Microsoft Team to get support and share knowledge with the CoSS Learning Technologists and other colleagues.


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  3. Say Hello and post your question or contribution in the General channel