Academic and student administration

Operations Team
Mr Billy Howie Head of Operations
Mrs Angela Foster Administrative Assistant
Ms Anna Nienhaus  Operations Coordinator
Mrs Ellen Runciman MA (Social Sciences) Advising Administrator
Ms Fran Grimshaw  Advising Administrator
Miss Joanne McFadden MA (Social Sciences) Advising Administrator
Ms Linda Thomson Postgraduate Administrative Assistant
Ms Liz Turner Undergraduate and Advising Support Administrator
Miss Rosalind Wright Learning and Teaching Coordinator 
Miss Sarah Kirk Operations Coordinator
Mrs Terri Hume Ethics and Research Student Administrator
Mr Tony Corrigan Operations Coordinator
Mr William Shirriffs Administrative Assistant
Student Experience Team
Ms Yvonne Harkness Head of Student Experience
Ms Angela Melley International Development Manager
Miss Danielle Higgins Marketing and Conversion Assistant 
Dr Dickon Copsey College Employability Officer
Mrs Emma Smith Work-related Learning Opportunities Co-Ordinator
Dr Gayle Pringle Barnes College International Student Learning Officer
Miss Jenny Deane College Assistant International Student Learning Officer
Miss Juliet Westwood Student Mobility Administrator
Mrs Laura Macfadyen Marketing Manager (Recruitment and Conversion)
Ms Laura Wood  Intern: International Student Mobility
Ms Toni O'Neill Internationalisation Assistant