Glasgow University Climate Change and Mental Health Network

We are an informal interdisciplinary network established since 2019 and holding intra university events and supporting research-led public work on climate change and mental health. Around 50 academic researchers from fields of psychology to human geography to theatre studies to public health are engaged with our workshop events, co-writing and reading initiatives.

The network organises around the following ambitions:

  • To critically explore associations between climate change and mental health through interdisciplinary dialogue, engagement and experiment
  • To address the social, political and economic challenges associated with climate change and mental health at a variety of scales.
  • To create epistemological distinction by exploring conceptual approaches and use of theory and practice across different disciplines to innovate in this field of enquiry.
  • To cultivate a responsibility to the mental health of future generations of staff and students
  • To start new conversations between the university and publics about climate change and mental health