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EVENT | Speculative fiction and waste stories

Join us for an in person, interactive workshop using participatory speculative fiction to explore rubbish and wasted materials [read more]

EVENT | Natural Hazard Resilience: Cross Sector Workshop

Join colleagues from across the University and the National Centre for Resilience to discuss natural hazard risks in Scotland, including potential impacts on inequalities and access to services... [read more]

PODCAST | About Sus: Episodes 1 and 2

AboutSUS is a new podcast approaching sustainability from a range of disciplinary, experiences, locations and themes... [read more].

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT | Sustainable Screens Scotland

Sustainable Screens Scotland is a new project aiming to support the decarbonisation of the film and television industries in Scotland... [read more]  

What Sustainability Means To Me

Our aim is to lead and facilitate social science research around key sustainability challenges. In 2023, our activities will focus on the following areas:

  • Ecologies - Environmental sustainability under climate change and human activities
  • Just transitions - What kind of societal transformations do we need to achieve eco-social sustainability?
  • Governance - Reforming governance and management systems of natural resources, including sustainable water and land use.

Watch these short videos to find out more.

Sustainability to me...

Karen Bell, Just Transition Lead

Karen is a Senior Lecturer in Urban Sustainable Development in the Department of Urban Studies. Her concerns are inequities in environmental burdens, inclusion in environmental decision-making and eco-social policy making. She researches environmental justice, Just Transition and military impacts on the environment or the ‘Treadmill of Destruction’. 


Find out more about Karen's research >> 

Sustainability to me...

Jill Robbie, Governance Lead

Jill is a Lecturer in Private Law at the University of Glasgow. Jill's research interest lies within the field of property law and natural resources. She is currently investigating the tensions between social justice, economic development and environmental protection in the context of the law regulating land use. She is particularly interested in analysing these tensions in relation to water.

Find out more about Jill's research >>

Sustainability to me...

John Shi, Ecologies Lead

John is a senior lecturer in hydrology and climate change in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. John is an expert on water and climate research, with interests on modelling and predicting the role of water resources in the climate system and understanding the nature of hydrologic variability and change under changing climate at local, regional, and global scales.

Find out more about John's research >>

Sustainability to me...

Marcela Ramos, Research Fellow

Marcela is a Research Fellow that specialises in interdisciplinary research, environmental sustainability, working with communities and the effects of marketisation and privatisation in education. Marcela’s research interests lie in exploring and understanding how education can help us think and problematise the exercise of sustainable practices within challenging (post-conflict, unequal) contexts.

Find out more about Marcela's research >>


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