Digital stories: Financial Insecurity & Hardship at End of Life

Dying in the Margins is a research project that aims to illuminate the relationship between socio-economic deprivation and end of life experience, including whether people were given the option of dying at home, and the influence of type of housing and home environment on people's experiences.

The team use participatory methods to work with people at the end of their life, or who are recently bereaved, to tell their stories. 

A key aim of the project is to raise awareness of the impact of financial hardship on end of life experience, including barriers to dying at home, to a wider audience - using the voices, images and narratives of people experiencing poverty. Each digital story is accompanied by an online toolkit to support its use in training.

You can watch the first video, Steven's story, below. For more information about the digital stories, the accompanying toolkits, or to watch Lynda and Barry's stories, you can visit the project blog

Dying in the Margins (2019 - 2023) is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

It is hosted by the End of Life Studies Group at the University of Glasgow's Dumfries campus. You can find out more about the group's research by signing up to their blog for updates. 

First published: 11 November 2022