Festival of Social Sciences

The 21st ESRC Festival of Social Science took place from Saturday, 21 October - Friday, 17 November. 

The video highlights our Festival of Social Sciences Community Day on 4th November 2024 at the Clarice Pears building.
The Festival of Social Science is an annual celebration of research and knowledge about humans and society. It’s an opportunity for anyone to explore topics relating to social science through events run by researchers from UK universities, including the University of Glasgow. The festival is led and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).
During the 2023 Festival of Social Science, the University of Glasgow hosted a range of activities at the Byres Community Hub and Advanced Research Centre. You can view more details about the events on the ESRC website.
To find out more about wider social sciences research at the University of Glasgow, visit the Glasgow Social Sciences Hub.