Festival of Social Science

The 20th ESRC Festival of Social Science took place from Saturday 22 October - Sunday 13 November. 
This preview, published before the Festival, gives an insight into the programme:

We are delighted to share our programme for the 20th ESRC Festival of Social Science, which is taking place from Saturday 22 October - Sunday 13 November. This is a UK-wide celebration of the wide range of social science research underway and an opportunity to promote this important work to new audiences.

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Our colleagues are running a wide range of events that will give people of all ages the chance to get involved and share their ideas about the world we live in.

You might be interested in exploring how wildfires happening in Bolivia impact the people who live there and why, by knowing more about our water use and how people live in other areas of the world, we can take active roles in being part of ecological solutions within our climate emergency. If so, Dr Lorenza's exhibition on Bolivian Wildfire, Professor Jude Robinson and Dr Zoe Strachan's workshop exploring water, and Dr Lisa Bradley's zine-making workshop are for you.

Perhaps you are interested in learning more about what researchers are doing to combat our housing crisis and the approaches they take to inform policymakers in order to make our homes safer for our minds and bodies. Or you may want learn more about how we design of our neighbourhoods and share ideas to make where we live better. If so, the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence research showcase, and Dr Jonathan Olsen's online neighbourhood map for young people, are not to be missed.

Whatever the ways you wonder about the world, Social Scientists at the University of Glasgow look forward to thinking alongside you and sharing their research.

Understanding inequalities and working in partnership to find ways to challenge barriers include so many different areas of research. Throughout the Festival, University of Glasgow researchers have something to share with, and learn from, you. Many researchers worldwide have been studying the impacts and experiences of COVID-19. Professor Eugenio Proto's discussion will share statistics illustrating the inequalities that influence these experiences. With women's lives impacted disproportionately through COVID 19, perhaps you would also be interested in learning more about gendered experiences in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)? If so, then be sure to sign up for Dr Preeti Dagar’s event. If you want to know how Dr Paul Lynch has been working with partners in Malawi through early-years education with children and young people with disabilities, then his panel session will share their learning.

Maybe you are into games? If so, Dr Chiara Cipollari's game lab is for you! With lots of research games on offer, you can meet the academics using games to communicate their ideas and get involved in playing them. If play in general is something you enjoy, don't miss Dr Joanna Wincenciak's puppetry and emotional wellbeing workshop.

Or maybe you would like to find some moments of peace and connection? If that's the case, then Dr Yulia Nesterova's peace walk and workshops or Dr Leyla De Amicis's speed friendship events provide this space.

Alongside these free, open access events, University of Glasgow researchers will also be working with secondary school students in Glasgow and London to explore experiences of COVID (Dr Alistair Fraser).

Whatever the ways you wonder about the world, Social Scientists at the University of Glasgow look forward to thinking alongside you and sharing their research.

Prof Sara Carter

Vice-Principal and Head of the College of Social Sciences 

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A message from the Economic and Social Research Council

Professor Alison Park, ESRC's Interim Executive Chair, added: "The ESRC Festival of Social Science offers a fascinating insight into some of the country’s leading social science research and its relevance to individuals, society and the economy.

"This year we are celebrating the Festival's 20th birthday with hundreds of free events across the UK, including at the University of Glasgow. We hope the events are enjoyable and inspiring."