Zoomposium 34: 20 June 2023

Published: 12 June 2023

Dr Chunxiao HU: ‘Microfluidics and Biosensors for drug screening and early diagnosis’ Dr Mingshu WANG: ‘Geospatial data science for urban systems’ Dr Sharon DING: ‘Designing Technologies for Everyday Healthy Living’

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Dr Chunxiao Hu, James Watt School of Engineering

‘Microfluidics and Biosensors for drug screening and early diagnosis’

I have research experience in developing multi-layer microfluidic devices for drug screening tests, and electrochemical and optical biosensors for early and companion diagnosis. My research interests include rapid test for precision treatment of m icrobial infection, smart capsule endoscope fluorescence imager enhanced by a single-photon detector and machine learning algorithms, AI-driven microfluidic device for analysis of cell viability, and highly integrated sensing device for early cancer diagnosis. My long-term vision is to develop an integrated low-cost, handheld point-of-care sensing platform for personalised healthcare diagnosis and monitoring. I am keen to build multidisciplinary collaborations with researchers from CoSE and generate grant proposals.


Dr Mingshu Wang, School of Geographical & Earth Studies

Geospatial data science for urban systems

My research focuses on integrating geospatial data (from traditional GIS and remote sensing data to new forms of data) and computational methods to understand urban systems. I have developed two interconnected research lines of cities from the perspective of people. At a macro-scale, I quantify the relationship between urban structure and urban/regional economic, environmental, and social performance. At a micro-scale, I examine the relationship between built environments and collective human behaviors. In CoSE, I want to collaborate with mathematicians/statisticians/computer scientists to develop methods and algorithms for geospatial data science. I would also like to collaborate with colleagues from GES and SUERC regarding applying geospatial data science for sustainable cities and the earth's future. I am interested in applying for both collaborative funding and personal fellowship.


Dr Sharon Ding, School of Computing Science

‘Designing Technologies for Everyday Healthy Living’

My research involves designing technologies to promote individual and social well-being. My recent research focus is on social-technical approaches to empowering people for effective health data engagement and health management, with a particular interest in intelligent and collaborative technologies for everyday healthy living, mental well-being, and self-management of chronic diseases. I would like to contribute human-centered research and design skills to make technologies more usable and useful, and better integrated into related social practices to really empower people. I am keen to collaborate with researchers working on health and well-being from various perspectives and plan to apply for collaborative grants as well as fellowships.




First published: 12 June 2023