Scottish Hub of Sustainable Futures Global Network

Writing Poster


Steering group members:

Dr Brian Barrett, Dr Lisa Bradley, Dr Mia Perry, Professor Jude Robinson, Professor Jo Sharp (St Andrews)

The Sustainable Futures Global Network brings together researchers, practitioners, and communities to address the common goal of a sustainable and equitable world. The Scotland hub was formally established in 2019.

Our activities are centred on the idea that stories are the most powerful and accessible way of communicating ideas, values, research and learning. Through diverse and inclusive projects, we aim to:

  • facilitate the development of skills and methodologies in storytelling that will promote sustainability, enable equitable collaboration across disciplines and borders, and communicate the impact of action.
  • promote active practices of (re)story-ing; the making of stories, and with them, sustainable worlds.
  • support our members, partners and the wider Sustainable Futures network, as well as the communities we all occupy, with opportunities to work collaboratively and through ethical partnership to tell the stories of sustainability using the widest possible technologies and platforms.

As a group, we are interested in practice, publication and resourcing. We are examining the ways we work and produce, with the aim of writing collaboratively on areas of interdisciplinary research in order to explore questions such as:

  • What creates sustainability and how can we create exchange across geographies?
  • How can experiments in local collective practice inform wider strategies of change?

The hub acknowledges the interconnectedness of Global Challenges (Global North and South, global and local, social and ecological) and focuses on transdisciplinary approaches and international partnerships to address these.