Emotions Across the Disciplines

In recent years, the study of emotions has emerged as a dynamic and transformative field of research following the ‘affective turn’ in disciplines across the Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. The significance of inter-disciplinary emotion studies is particularly evident in light of the current pandemic-related crises of mental health worldwide, the rise of anger, outrage, and fear in the public sphere and on social media, and the polarisation of politics in relation to issues such as social justice, racism, culture, climate and the environment, elections, and the role of technology in our daily lives.

The aim of the Emotions Across the Disciplines theme is to build a network of emotions researchers from across the University of Glasgow which will allow us to

  • map and share the considerable expertise that exists in a wide range of disciplines across all four Colleges
  • promote cross-disciplinary dialogue
  • provide opportunities for the exploration of new avenues of research and collaboration

To establish this network, we will be holding an initial scoping event on the morning of Tuesday 27 October followed by a workshop on Emotions & Covid-19 in late November. Both events are open to all.

To join Emotions Across the Disciplines, and to participate in discussions and access our resource area on Teams, please email Penny Morris (penelope.morris@glasgow.ac.uk)

2020 Events

Tuesday 27 October 2020: 11:00 - 12.30: Initial Scoping Event

This initial scoping session is open to anyone with an interest in the study of emotions. Please contact Penny Morris for more details and to be added to the mailing list.  

Associated Staff