After graduation

Politics is a non-vocational degree that equips its holder with the skills for a great variety of careers. Popular career destinations for Politics graduates include:

  • the media;
  • government agencies;
  • teaching;
  • research
  • business;
  • civil service;
  • charity sector (including NGOs);
  • armed forces.

Increasingly, graduates also opt to pursue further studies and the Department of Politics offers a number of one-year postgraduate Masters degrees that you might want to consider.

Career advice

It is never too early to start planning for your career after graduation. Resources exist within both the department and the university for students seeking advice about career development. 

The Careers, Employability & Opportunity offers students more general advice on career planning and encourages students to take advantage of their services from their first year at University. As well as to help students plan their curriculum, the careers office also offers specialized courses and advice on conducting a job search, writing a resume and developing interview skills. 

Every year, there is a Summer Graduate Fair that takes place in May or June, where students can find out about career opportunities and meet a large range of prospective employers.

Some useful resources

  • Political Studies Association Description of main career paths for Politics Graduates
  • Prospects A private website that works closely with UK universities to disseminate general career and job information for university graduates; includes a job advert database and information on postgraduate degree programmes. 
  • Guardian Jobs National jobs database.
  • How to write your CV (BBC)