Research areas and initatives

Within the research clusters, Religion in Scotland; Religion, Literature and Culture; and Religion, Conflict and Transition, TRS staff contribute to a wide range of research areas in our respective sub-disciplines:

  • Asian and Chinese Religions or Philosophies (Charles Orzech )
  • Biblical Studies (Sarah Nicholson)
  • Catholic Moral Theology (Julie Clague)
  • Church History (Charlotte Methuen and Scott Spurlock)
  • Islam (Lloyd Ridgeon and Saeko Yazaki)
  • Jewish Studies (Mia Spiro and Saeko Yazaki)
  • Literature and Theology (David Jasper, Heather Walton and George Pattison)
  • Practical Theology (Doug Gay, Leah Robinson, and Heather Walton)
  • Systematic Theology (George Pattison).

Individual staff pages will give you a better idea of the research interests of individual staff members.