Theology and Religion at Glasgow

We are proud to be the oldest subject area at the University of Glasgow; taught since the foundation of the University in 1451. This heritage is reflected in the valuable University Collections of historical texts and manuscripts which constitute a major resource for researchers and students. But Theology and Religious Studies today is not only rooted in the past. Some of the most crucial issues of our times concern ultimate meaning, ethics, spiritual values, and how human beings can live together peaceably and care for our planet. The study of religious traditions offers deep insights into these concerns.  

At Glasgow you can explore Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Asian beliefs and traditions. You can specialise in a specific tradition or take courses that explore a variety of faith perspectives. You will be able to study biblical languages, investigate historical issues, and focus upon contemporary religious questions. Vocational training is also provided in partnership with the Church of Scotland through Trinity College.   

Whatever you study you will be supported by staff who are renowned in their fields and be part of a student community that is warm, open, and welcoming. We are located at the heart of the University and have our own student common room and study facilities. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on our hospitable and inclusive approach, which is reflected in high levels of student satisfaction.