About us

The University of Glasgow Singapore (UGS) provides undergraduate education, research degrees, cutting-edge research and industrial collaboration and is the hub for the University’s activities across South-East Asia.

Launched in 2011, UGS works in partnership with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to deliver undergraduate programmes. From September 2019 our whole portfolio of undergraduate programmes will lead to degrees that are jointly awarded by the University of Glasgow and SIT. The degree programmes are in:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computing Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nursing

Find out more about our programmes in our undergraduate study section. These programmes are informed by our international research excellence and aim to produce graduates who are ready to lead in their chosen fields of work. With around 500 new undergraduate students joining us each year, and 500 new graduates too, the University’s presence is set for rapid growth over the next decade and beyond, creating exciting new opportunities for collaboration, co-operation and exchange.

UGS delivers internationally recognised research and innovation including an industrial PhD programme (IPP) designed to meet the R&D needs of Singapore industry. UGS acts as a gateway to the community of researchers in Glasgow, across all of our Colleges, Schools and Research Institutes, who have world-leading expertise in a wide range of fields. We have a wide range of ongoing research in Singapore and across the region, and welcome opportunities to develop and expand this activity.

We are proud of all of our alumni and welcomed another 368 members to this global community in October 2018. In December 2018 we were delighted to add Professor Asit Biswas to this number as an Honorary Doctor of Engineering. Professor Biswas’ world-leading expertise in water management and policy is unrivalled and his example is one to inspire all our students. 

The University has a range of activities across South-East Asia including exciting research, partnerships with leading institutions and welcomes students from all countries in the region to study in Glasgow.

Further details about the University of Glasgow and UGS can be found by following the links on this page. Some key contacts are:





Dr Cindy Goh

Director UGS



Professor Bill Cushley

Dean for Global Engagement (South and South East Asia)



Ms Sophia Lee

Regional Manager for South East Asia, External Relations



Professor Trevor Hoey

Dean University of Glasgow Singapore