University of Glasgow Urban Studies Programme Scholarships

Nankai University students participating on the collaborative Urban Studies programme receive a twenty percent scholarship towards the normal undergraduate year abroad programme fee.

Students returning to the University of Glasgow to undertake an MSc in the Urban Studies subject area, after having successfully completed their year abroad and BSc in Urban Management at Nankai University, are entitled to a twenty-two percent scholarship towards the regular University of Glasgow MSc tuition fee.

Students at Dumfries reception

University of Glasgow - Nankai University Dual PhD Scholarships

Two Glasgow - Nankai dual PhD Scholarships, equivalent to 100% of the standard University of Glasgow international tuition fee for PhD programmes, are offered to Nankai University graduates of exceptional academic merit choosing to study for a Doctoral degree (PhD) from the range of research programmes of the University of Glasgow.

To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, in addition to holding a valid offer of PhD study with Nankai University,  students must have completed three years of Masters-level study in addition to a first degree from a Chinese University with an average score of 85%.