27 January 2021 Brij Maharaj, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Title: Sailing a ship while building it” – Covid 19 Challenges in South Africa

10 February 2021  M. Angélica Thumala Olave, University of Edinburgh
Topics: Cultural Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Consumption, Catholicism, Secularisation, Elites, Culture and society in Latin America, Sociology of reading and writing

17 February 2021  Sam Lawton, University of Glasgow
Title: Bisexuality+: Identities, Relationships and Prejudice

24 February 2021  Meenakshi Gautham, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Topics: One health, antimicrobial resistance, health policy, health interventions (co-sponsored with MVLS, UoG School of Veterinary Sciences)

10 March 2021  Hannah Brown, University of Durham
Topics: Anthropology, economies and practices of care, governance, nursing, global health, HIV/AIDS, development, community-based care

24 March 2021 Jeffrey Weeks, Sociology, London South Bank University
Book talk: “Between Worlds: A Queer Boy from the Valleys”

31 March 2021 Edna Mutua, IHW/Sociology University of Glasgow
Topics: Anthropology, antimicrobial resistance, morality of global health interventions, East Africa

7 April 2021  Christin Achermann, University of Neuchâtel
Topics: Anthropology, migration law, migration, inclusion & exclusion, citizenship

21 April 2021 Jennika Virhia, IHW/Sociology, University of Glasgow
Topics: Human geography, health seeking behaviour, ethnography, co-development of health interventions, zoonotic disease

5 May 2021  Chris Bunn, IHW/Sociology, University of Glasgow
Topics: Applied sociology, community led solutions to health problems, Malawi, UK, non communicable diseases, social theory

19 May 2021  Bill Hughes, Glasgow Caledonian University 
Topic: Of Swine and Men: A Historical sociology of disability in the late Medieval moral economy

3 November 2021 Krzysztof Jankowski, University of Glasgow
'Manifestations of the Global: explorations on two sites'

8 December 2021 Vrushali Patil, Florida International University
'The Special Oriental Vice, the Savage Vice, and the Sexual Furor: Racial-Imperial Webs and the Invention of ‘Modern’ Sexuality'

15 December 2021 Karen Cuthbert, University of Glasgow - This event has been cancelled due to the ongoing industrial dispute
'Living Gender in Diverse Times: Generation Z Conceptualising ‘Sex’ and ‘Gender’'