Doctoral Students

Adam Smith Business School

  • Jinpeng Liu: Behavioural finance empirical study of the Chinese stock market. Supervisors: Sai Ding and Minjoo Kim
  • Zerun Liu: Financial constraints and corporate investment in China. Supervisors:Serafeim Tsoukas and Sai Ding
  • Xinxin Ma: Asset pricing in Chinese stock markets. Supervisors: Sai Ding and Minjoo Kim
  • Xiaonan Yang: Investigating the Multidimensional Stimuli of Digital Information Adoption, Consumption and Diffusion Behaviours Through Viral Marketing Process. Supervisors: Dr Anna Morgan-Thomas and Prof Trevor Buck. Contact:
  • Kaidong YU: International health food branding in China. Supervisors: Dr Thomas Anker and Prof Deirdre Shaw. Contact:
  • Yang Zhao: The Chinese Online Group Buying Industry: Business Model Innovation and Firm Performance Supervisor: Dr Anna Morgan-Thomas and Prof Trevor Buck.
  • Jiangteng Zhou: Infrastructure and firm productivity in China. Supervisors: Sai Ding and Hisayuki Yoshimoto

School of Culture and Creative Arts

  • Helena Fung: From East to West and Back Again: A critical review of the cross-cultural consumption, collecting and historiography of Chinese ‘classic’ furniture from the Ming and early Qing dynasties. Supervisors: Nick Pearce, Minna Torma and Nixi Cura.
  • Shiyu Gao: Modern and Contemporary art, especially Chinese art since 19 Century. Supervisors: Dr Minna Katriina Torma and Nixi Cura, 
  • Kate HillComplicated Objects: Chinese Imperial Artefacts in Victorian Britain. Supervisor: Prof Nick Pearce.
  • Karen Horton: Situated Knowledge: Looted tombs, Space and the Archaeological Record in China. Supervisors: Prof Nick Pearce and Dr Frances Lennard.
  • Miao Huang: Thesis Title: Research on the Use of Interactivity by Chinese Newspaper: a case study of Zhejiang Daily Media Group. Supervisor: Gillian Doyle and Melanie Selfe
  • Yun Peng: China and E-sports. Supervirsors: Prof Raymond Boyle and Dr Tim Barker.
  • Qinghong Rao: Rivers and Mountains: Research on British and Chinese Landscape Painting. Supervisors: Minna Torma and John Bonehill. Contact:
  • Baihua REN  Connoisseurship of Jiehua: Identification Based on Documentary Evidence. 
  • Jinfeng Wang: Jazz in China. Supervisors: Bjorn Heile and John Williamson. Contact:
  • Xiaodi Wang: Chinese citizen journalism. Supervisor: Prof Raymond Boyle.
  • Cynthia Williams: The Hamilton Vase – Entwined Histories. Supervisor: Nick Pearce.
  • Haoyang Zhao: ‘From the Summer Palace’, the influences of looted objects from the Summer Palace on the mid-late 19th century British understanding of Chinese Art. Supervisor: Prof Nick Pearce.
  • Yanling Zhu: The newspaper industry and China. Supervisor: Prof Gillian Doyle.

School of Education

  • Rui He: Langauge Learners in Chinese and British Study Abroad Programmes: A Comparative Study. Supervisors: Dr Dely Ellito and Dr Catherine Fagan.
  • Yue Song: Children of Migrant Workers in Urban Public High Schools: An Analysis of the Dual Role of Education. Supervisors: Professor Andy Furlong, Professor Christopher Chapman. Email:
  • Yuwei Xu: A Cross-cultural Analysis on Gender and Teaching in Early Childhood Settings in Scotland, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Supervisors: Dr Barbara Read and Professor Michele Schweisfurth.
  • Yun Yu: Investigating the Role of Church Participation of Chinese Students on Their Cross-cultural Adaptation in UK. Supervisors: Professor Andy Furlong, Dr Gijsbert Stoet

School of Film and Television

  • Jingmei Ouyang: China and Transnational Documentary. Supervisor: David Archibald. Contact:
  • Yun Peng: ‘E-sports’ (competitive video games) and gender in China. Supervised by Tim Barker and Raymond Boyle. Contact:
  • Yu Zhu: Representations of the Nanking massacre. Supervisor: Dimitris Eleftheriotis and David Martin-Jones. Contact:

School of Geographical and Earth Sciences

  • Ning An: The US in the eyes of China: A popular geopolitical study on Sino-US relations. Supervisors: Prof. Joanne Sharp and Dr. Ian Shaw. (Geopolitics)
  • Delong Shen:Cultural differences in design preference s and map use between China and the UK. Supervisor: Dr David Forrest. Contact:

School of Law

  • Xiayang Chen: A Comparative Study of the Credit Rating Agencies: China and the USA. Supervisors: Prof Iain Macneil and Konstantinos Sergakis
  • Fei Deng: Legal Transplant as a Device of Legal Change in Transitional Economies: The Case of Importing Common Law-Style Corporate Fiduciary Duties into Contemporary China. Supervisors: Dr Irene-Marie Esser And Prof Iain Macneil
  • Jie Liu: Proposal for collective management reform on copyright and related rights in China: From the perspective of license models, technology and competition. Supervisors: Dr Thomas Margoni and Prof Martin Kretschmer
  • Jiarong  Zhang: Using digitization to fill the gaps in intellectual property protection of traditional cultural expressions —opportunities and challenges. Supervisors: Dr Thomas Margoni and Prof Martin Kretschmer

School of Modern Languages and Cultures

  • Zhuodan Yao. A Comparative Study of Reflective Identity in Irish and Chinese Minority Literature, 1990-2010
  • Minlin YU.  Translating Women’s Language: female power and its construction in Chinese feminist translations of English literature.
  • Nannan Zhang: Theatre Translation under the Social Change: A Study on the Xianfeng Xiju (Avant-garde theatre) in Contemporary China (1980-2016). Supervisors: Dr Hongling Liang; Dr Elizabeth Tomlin; Dr. Enza De Francisci

School of Social and Political Sciences

  • Anthea Cain: Gender inequality in old age: impacts of social policy in China’s rapidly ageing society. Supervisors: Prof Jane Duckett and Prof Rebecca Kay. Contact:
  • Wai Fong Chau: Migration patterns amongst wealthy Chinese. Supervisors: Dr Sergiu Ghergina, Dr Neil Munro and Dr Georgios Karyotis. Contact: . 
  • Hao Chen: The Institutional Driving Forces of Knowledge Economies: A Strong State, Expert System and Social Consensus. Supervisors: Dr Neil Munro & Dr David Waite. Contact:
  • Yajun Deng: Government policy, media coverage and public understanding of climate change in China. Supervisors: Dr Catherine Happer and Dr Neil Munro. Contact: (Sociology/Politics).
  • Paul Gardner: A study looking at the control of political information in traditional and social media in China. Supervisors: Dr Ana Ines Langer and Dr Neil Munro. Contact: (Politics). 
  • Jie Huang: A study on using real estate investment trusts (REITs) as an alternative way of financing affordable housing in mainland China. Supervisors: Dr Allison Orr and Prof Ken Gibb. Contact: (Urban Studies).
  • Mengxi Pang:Exploring ‘mixed-race’ identities in Scotland (working title). Supervisors: Prof. Satnam Virdee and Dr. Roona Simpson. 
  • Emiline Smith: Transit Cities: Trafficking cultural property in Bangkok, Singapore & Hong Kong.
    Supervisors: Prof Simon Mackenzie and Dr Neil Brodie (SCCJR)
  • Alasdair Stanton: Hierarchy in the Chinese party-state: before and after Xi Jinping. Supervisors: Dr Neil Munro and Dr Eric Silverman. Contact: 
  • Bastian Struve: Political communication and the stability of authoritarian regimes: Chinese media coverage of Uyghur "terrorist" attacks. Supervisors: Prof Jane Duckett and Dr Brian Fogarty (Politics). Contact: 
  • Weikai Wang: Planning in polycentric cities in China. Supervisors: Keith Kintrea and Ya Ping Wang. 
  • Yahong Wang: The identification of vegetarians in contemporary Beijing in the context of social change. Contact: (Sociology).
  • Huizi Xi: Abortion under China's Fertility policy from 2010s to 2020s. Supervisors: Dr Neil Munro and Dr Philippa Wiseman. (Politics and Sociology) Contact:
  • Yitong Ye: "The European Union and the People’s Republic of China: A Comparison of Climate Change Policy Formation". Supervisors: Dr Neil Munro and Dr Bernhard Reinsberg. Contact:
  • Duanyi Yi: Study on China's Nuclear Strategy.  Supervisors: Beatrice Heuser and Neil Munro.  Contact:
  • Dingming YU: How does audiences respond to China climate change coverage in terms of attitude and behavior. Supervisors: Dr Neil Munro and Dr Catherine Happer. Contact: (Politics/Sociology).
  • Jia Xie: Young People in Social Transition: The Making of Backpacking as a New Lifestyle in China. Supervisor: Prof. Gregory Philo, Dr. Matt Dawson. (Sociology)
  • Zhifu Xie: Monetary economics, focussing on Chinese currency as a reserve currency (Economic and Social History)
  • Haoran Zhang: Understanding the consequence of China's expansion in the UK through the Belt and Road Initiative. Supervisors: Dr Marcin Kaczmarsky and Dr Neil Munro. Contact: 
  • Ketong Zhang: The Development of Chinese external economic policy and the role of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Supervisors:Prof Duncan Ross (Economic & Social History) and Prof. Jane Duckett (Politics). Contact:
  • Qingyue Zhang: The impact of Mekong transboundary water disputes on the bilateral relationship between China and Vietnam: A strategic narrative analysis. Supervisors: Dr Joanna Szostek and Dr Neil Munro (both Politics and IR). Contact: 
  • Liyuan Zhuang: Planning and Chinese neighbourhoods. Supervisors: Ya Ping Wang and Amin Kamete


Plus students who have associated themselves with SCCR while studying at other universities:

University of Edinburgh 

  • Adam Scott Clark: The emergence and implementation of Hong Kong's 'biliteracy trilingual' policy in education. Contact:
  • Lei Kuang: Competition Policy and State-Owned Enterprises in Contemporary China. Supervisors: Dr Arianna Andreangeli & Dr Robert Lane. Contact: (Law).
  • Li Zipeng: Voicing Public Demands? Explore the effectiveness of Sina and Sohu online news comments in articulating public demands during the Tianjin Explosion Case from perspectives of expression characteristics, gatekeeping procedure, topic priorities and opinion leaders. Supervisor: Dr Daniel Hammong. Contact:
  • Mingxiao Liu:  Cultural re-adaptation of Chinese returnee students from overseas.Contact:
  • Ran Peng: Research project examining how politics affects the existence and sustainability of the China model as well as providing solutions for making the model better. Supervisor: Dr Daniel Hammond. 
  • Xiao Yao: Intersectoral Collaboration of the Local Food Safety Supervision System in China. Supervisor: Dr Daniel Hammond.
  • Yolanda (Beinglei) Zhao: Contact: (Psychology).
  • Jingyan Zhu: Citizen participation and public service delivery. Supervisors: Prof Andrew Thompson and Prof James Mitchell. Contact: (Politics)

University of Nottingham

  • Yao TANG: Class and Gender, Social Stratification in Urban China during Transition Period. Supervisor: Lina Song; Tracey Warren, School: School of Contemporary Chinese Study, University of Nottingham,;

University of St Andrews

  • Francisco Antonio-Alfonso: the relations between Mexico and China as forms of complex cultural encounters. Supervisors Professor Will Fowler and Professor Karin Fierke
  • Nicolo Bandera: Quantitative effects of the liquidity policies established by the People's Bank of China (PBoC) on macroeconomic and financial variables. Supervisors: Dr Ozge Senay, Dr Vivek Prasad and Dr Peter Macmillan. Contact:  
  • Zhangxi Cheng: Supervisor Prof. Ian Taylor (School of International Relations)

 University of West of Scotland

  • Gary Gillon: ‘An investigation into the overseas expansion of Chinese banks 1978-2013’. Supervisors: Dr Xin Guo and Prof Sam McKinstry. Contact:

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