Postgraduate Network

To complement the goals of the SCCR, a postgraduate network (PGN) was established at the same time as the center in 2008. The PGN aims to provide a means for early career social science researchers who specialize on China to meet, open their minds, share their work, and build skills which will be useful in their careers. At the same time the PGN will support the SCCR by:

  • building research capacity in the social sciences of China in Scotland and the UK
  • developing links between China and UK based scholars and institutions
  • aiding the publication of high quality social science research on China

PGN has organised three big events in the past years. Since the beginning of 2014, PGN would like to meet more regularly and unite the cross-disciplinary social science PhD students and helps them to organize their own events built on the strong platform of SCCR.

The members, PhDs in social science, are encouraged and supported to organize their own events, such as presentations, round-table discussions, reading groups, retreats, research seminars, skill seminars (job interview and viva), etc. As long as the event is relevant to social science of China, the SCCR will help the PGN to organize it.

The meeting takes place at least once a month. Each meeting will have a rotating Chair who would be responsible to organize the session of the month. It is quite a unique chance for a PhD student to make your own idea come true! It is also an excellent opportunity to boost your CV. In the end, one of those rotating chairs would be the next PGN convener!

Contact us

If you want to join in the PGN, to know more information about the PGN or to discuss future events, please email