The SCCR brings together social science researchers specialising in China from universities across Scotland and you can find out more about our staff in this section:

Jane Duckett

Professor Jane Duckett

Professor - Edward Caird Chair of Politics - International Dean for East Asia (Politics)

Research interests: Chinese politics; political science; Chinese policy; health policy; public opinion

Nai Rui Chng

Dr Nai Rui Chng

EuroFIT Research Associate (Institute of Health and Wellbeing Social Sciences)

Research interests: I am a political sociologist working on the regulatory and contentious politics of access to public goods like water, health, and the environment.

Ms Nixi Cura

Honorary Research Fellow (History of Art)

Sai Ding

Dr Sai Ding

Senior Lecturer (Economics)

Research interests: Productivity and trade; Corporate finance; Growth and development; Chinese economy

Mark Furse

Professor Mark Furse

Professor of Competition Law and Policy (Law)

Research interests: Competition law generally. Competition economics and law. Competition law in China and the Far East. Competition law procedures.

Dr Hongling Liang

Lecturer in Chinese (Mandarin) (School of Modern Languages and Cultures)

Dr Rebecca Madgin

Senior Lecturer in Urban Development and Management (Urban Studies)

Research interests: Conservation, Built Environment, Design, Heritage, Place Attachment, Governance, De-Industrial cities, Land-Use Planning

Dr Tian Miao

Lecturer (Urban Studies)

Neil Munro

Dr Neil Munro

Senior Lecturer in Chinese Politics (Politics)

Research interests: citizen participation in governance, health care, environmental issues

Nick Pearce

Professor Nick Pearce

Richmond Chair of Fine Arts (History of Art)

Dr Nathan Woolley

Lecturer (School of Social and Political Sciences)

Research interests: Chinese religion; Chinese political and intellectual history; traditional Chinese historiography; national and regional identity in Northeast Asia

Professor Gregory Philo

Professor of Communications and Social Change (Sociology)

Research interests: media and cultural reception

Minna Katriina Torma

Dr Minna Katriina Torma

Lecturer (History of Art)

Professor Ya Ping Wang

Chair in Global City Futures (Urban Studies)

Doctoral students

School of Social and Political Sciences

  • Hua Wang: Non-local Chambers and the policy process in China (Politics)
  • Jia Xie: Young People in Social Transition: The Making of Backpacking as a New Lifestyle in China. Supervisor: Prof. Gregory Philo, Dr. Matt Dawson. (Sociology)
  • Yajun Deng: Government Policy, Media Coverage and Public Understanding of Climate Change in China (Sociology).
  • Paul Gardner: What political content do the Chinese propaganda authorities control in traditional media and online, and why do they focus on this particular information (Politics).
  • Emiline Smith: Transit Cities: Trafficking cultural property in Bangkok, Singapore & Hong Kong.
    Supervisors: Prof Simon Mackenzie and Dr Neil Brodie (SCCJR)
  • Mengxi Pang:Exploring ‘mixed-race’ identities in Scotland (working title). Supervisors: Prof. Satnam Virdee and Dr. Roona Simpson.  Contact: (Sociology)
  • Yahong Wang: the identification of vegetarians in contemporary Beijing in the context of social change, (Sociology)
  • Bastian Struve: Political communication and the stability of authoritarian regimes: Chinese media coverage of Uyghur “terrorist” attacks (Politics) 
  • Jie Huang: A study on using real estate investment trusts (REITs) as an alternative way of financing affordable housing in mainland China". Supervisors: Dr. Allison Orr and Professor Ken Gibb (Urban Study)
  • Zhifu Xie: Monetary economics, focussing on Chinese currency as a reserve currency (Economic and Social History)
  • Dingming Yu: Audience response to Chinese media coverage of climate change: impact on attitude and behaviour (Politics)

Adam Smith Business School

  • Xiaonan Yang: Investigating the Multidimensional Stimuli of Digital Information Adoption, Consumption and Diffusion Behaviours Through Viral Marketing Process. Supervisor: Dr. Anna Morgan-Thomas and Prof. Trevor Buck.
  • Yang Zhao: The Chinese Online Group Buying Industry: Business Model Innovation and Firm Performance Supervisor: Dr. Anna Morgan-Thomas and Prof. Trevor Buck. 
  • Kaidong YU: International health food branding in China. Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Anker and Professor Deirdre Shaw

School of Education

  • Yuwei Xu: A Cross-cultural Analysis on Gender and Teaching in Early Childhood Settings in Scotland, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Supervisors: Dr Barbara Read and Professor Michele Schweisfurth.
  • Yun Yu: Investigating the Role of Church Participation of Chinese Students on Their Cross-cultural Adaptation in UK. Supervisors: Professor Andy Furlong, Dr Gijsbert Stoet
  • Yue Song: Children of Migrant Workers in Urban Public High Schools: An Analysis of the Dual Role of Education. Supervisors: Professor Andy Furlong, Professor Christopher Chapman. Email:

School of Geographical and Earth Sciences

  • Ning An: The US in the eyes of China: A popular geopolitical study on Sino-US relations. Supervisors: Prof. Joanne Sharp and Dr. Ian Shaw. (Geopolitics)

School of Culture and Creative Arts

  • Caterina Bellinetti: The evolution of Chinese War photography: the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), the Korean War (1950-1953) and the Vietnam War (1955-1975). Supervisors: Nick Pearce and Deborah Lewer.
  • Jing Han: Dyes in 16th to 18th Century high status Chinese costume and textiles of the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Supervisor: Dr Anita Quye and Prof Nick Pearce
  • Miao Huang: Thesis Title: Research on the Use of Interactivity by Chinese Newspaper: a case study of Zhejiang Daily Media Group. Supervisor: Gillian Doyle and Melanie Selfe
  • Shiyu Gao: Modern and Contemporary art, especially Chinese art since 19 Century. Supervisors: Dr Minna Katriina Torma and Nixi Cura,  
  • Qiao Hu: Incense culture in late imperial China, Supervisors  Professor Nicholas Pearce & Dr Minna Torma  
  • Karen Horton: Situated Knowledge: Looted tombs, Space and the Archaeological Record in China. Supervisors: Nick Pearce and Frances Lennard.
  • Chihyin Hsiao: Chinese Marriage Porcelain – A New form of Wedding Gift for 18th century England. Supervisors: Nick Pearce and Minna Torma.
  • Mingyuan Hu: From Shanghai to Paris and Back Again: Fou Lei’s Intellectual Development as an Art Critic
  • Wenliang Li: The use of perspective in Chinese painting and European painting in the 17th to 18th centuries 
  • Zhiyong Lu: Technology and conservation research of the Chinese Metallic Threads in Famen Temple Silk (618 A.D―874 A.D),Tang Dynasty
  • Jason Steuber: The 1935/6 International Exhibition of Chinese Art: Chinese Art Exhibitions and the Roles of Provenance and Politics
  • Yi Wang: The Western Impact on Chinese Ceramics Design during the 17-18th Century
  • Yuan Wang: Heavy Metal in China – Network, Identity and Social Meaning. Supervisors: Martin Cloonan and Nick Pearce.

University of Edinburgh 

University of St Andrews

  • Francisco Antonio-Alfonso: the relations between Mexico and China as forms of complex cultural encounters. Supervisors Professor Will Fowler and Professor Karin Fierke
  • Zhangxi Cheng: Supervisor Prof. Ian Taylor (School of International Relations)

University of Nottingham

  • Yao TANG: Class and Gender, Social Stratification in Urban China during Transition Period. Supervisor: Lina Song; Tracey Warren, School: School of Contemporary Chinese Study, University of Nottingham,

University of West of Scotland

  • Gary Gillon: ‘An investigation into the overseas expansion of Chinese banks 1978-2013’. Supervisors: Dr Xin Guo and Professor Sam McKinstry

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