The SCCR brings together social science researchers specialising in China from universities across Scotland and you can find out more about our staff in this section:

Jane Duckett

Professor Jane Duckett

Professor - Edward Caird Chair of Politics - International Dean for East Asia (Politics)

Research interests: Chinese politics; political science; Chinese policy; health policy; public opinion

Nai Rui Chng

Dr Nai Rui Chng

EuroFIT Research Associate (Institute of Health and Wellbeing Social Sciences)

Research interests: I am a political sociologist working on the regulatory and contentious politics of access to public goods like water, health, and the environment.

Ms Nixi Cura

Honorary Research Fellow (History of Art)

Sai Ding

Dr Sai Ding

Senior Lecturer (Economics)

Research interests: Productivity and trade; Corporate finance; Growth and development; Chinese economy

Mark Furse

Professor Mark Furse

Professor of Competition Law and Policy (Law)

Research interests: Competition law generally. Competition economics and law. Competition law in China and the Far East. Competition law procedures.

Dr Hongling Liang

Lecturer in Chinese (Mandarin) (School of Modern Languages and Cultures)

Dr Rebecca Madgin

Senior Lecturer in Urban Development and Management (Urban Studies)

Research interests: Conservation, Built Environment, Design, Heritage, Place Attachment, Governance, De-Industrial cities, Land-Use Planning

Dr Tian Miao

Lecturer (Urban Studies)

Neil Munro

Dr Neil Munro

Senior Lecturer in Chinese Politics (Politics)

Research interests: citizen participation in governance, health care, environmental issues

Nick Pearce

Professor Nick Pearce

Richmond Chair of Fine Arts (History of Art)

Dr Nathan Woolley

Lecturer (School of Social and Political Sciences)

Research interests: Chinese religion; Chinese political and intellectual history; traditional Chinese historiography; national and regional identity in Northeast Asia

Professor Gregory Philo

Professor of Communications and Social Change (Sociology)

Research interests: media and cultural reception

Minna Katriina Torma

Dr Minna Katriina Torma

Lecturer (History of Art)

Professor Ya Ping Wang

Chair in Global City Futures (Urban Studies)