Impact of UofG Research

The Politics and International Studies REF2021 submission comprised staff from Politics & International Relations, Central & East European Studies and the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. 

Together, we conduct innovative research with academic and real-world impact. Our research and knowledge exchange activities aim to influence debates, inform policy development and shape the work of governmental organisations, locally, nationally and internationally. 

In order to facilitate knowledge exchange and impact, our researchers are actively involved in the Stevenson Trust for Citizenship, whose remit is to inform and engage the public about ‘the international, national and local issues of the day’. The Trust has organised 33 lectures attended by around 7,100 people over recent years. 

Through this channel and otherssuch as the Centre for Russian, Central and East European Studies, the Glasgow Baltic Research Unit and the Scottish Centre for China Researchwe support our researchers to build relationships with key partners: notably the Scottish Government, the Ministry of Defence, EU bodies, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and non-governmental organisations in East Europe and Latin America.  

These relationships have underpinned significant societal impacts, involving partners in the UK, EU and internationally. Our research has influenced debates, including on Scotland’s elections and corporate social responsibility, by organising events with government bodies, NGOs and businesses. 

Across Scotland and the UK, our research has contributed to policy development and reform by providing briefings and expert testimony to the Scottish Government on human rights issues and Brexit.  

Internationally, our research has contributed to government deliberations and shaped the work of international organisations and NGOs through presentations and written reports. 

Find out more about the international reach of our research in our four impact case studies.