Offer holder guide

Your offer holder guide includes lots of useful information, highlights the next steps in the process and provides you with the information you need to meet your conditions.

1: Respond to your offer

Now that you have received a decision on your application to study at The University of Glasgow, it is important that you tell us whether you want to accept or decline your offer. You will have four weeks to respond to your offer as indicated in the offer email.

  • See My offer for more information.

If you do not respond within fourweeks, your offer will be declined. If you have any questions regarding responding within this time period please contact the admissions service as soon as possible at

You should read your offer and any accompanying documents carefully, so you understand any conditions you are required to meet. If you have applied for more than one course you will be asked to accept the offer for one course and decline any additional courses so we can make places available to other candidates. You can accept your offer through the Applicant Self Service portal

Applicant Self Service

2. Pay your deposit (if applicable)

Some courses in require students to pay a deposit to secure their offer.

Your offer letter will clearly state if your course requires a deposit and how much is required.

3. Meet the conditions of your offer

If you have been given a conditional offer, your place can only be confirmed once you have demonstrated that you have met all of the conditions.

Each time we receive a document from you, whether in hardcopy or electronically, we will acknowledge receipt and also confirm if it has met one or more of your offer conditions. These emails will also outline any remaining conditions you may have. You can check your offer conditions in the Applicant Self Service portal.

Applicant Self Service

4. Obtain your CAS (non-UK students)

If you are holding an unconditional offer, and require a visa to study in the UK, approximately 3 months prior to the start date of your course we will contact you with your CAS. Please look out for this email.

5. Apply for Visa (non-UK students)

Once you have received your CAS number you will be able to apply for your visa. Your CAS will include details of the different documents you will need to prepare for your visa application but the International Student Support team also has lots of useful information to help to guide applicants. 

We encourage all students to check their CAS carefully and to visit the immigration pages to become familiar with the visa application process and visa requirements. 

6. Enrol online

This is the last stage of the admissions process and one that you should complete before arriving at the University.