The Centre for Neuroscience (CfN) acts as a bridge from basic neuroscience to both clinical neuroscience and experimental psychology. The centre focuses on topical translational themes: Spinal cord and brainstem circuits that underlie pain, motor control and breathing; psychiatric and neuro-developmental conditions such as schizophrenia, stress and Rett syndrome; molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission and plasticity; circadian rhythms; visual perception; cyclic nucleotide signal transduction; neural circuit basis of information processing, learning, and decision-making.

Experimental Approaches

  • anatomical (e.g. immunocytochemistry, tract-tracing, confocal/electron microscopy)
  • electrophysiological (in vivo and in vitro recording, patch-clamp, optogenetics)
  • molecular biological (molecular genetics, functional genomics)
  • behavioural (cognition, learning, decision-making, pain, respiration, stress)
  • imaging (multi-photon and mini-scope in vivo).

Spinal Cord Group

The Spinal Cord group includes Junichi Hachisuka, David Hughes, John Riddell, Andrew Todd, and Gregory Weir.

Brain Circuits in Health and Disease

This group includes Mick Craig, Michael Kohl, Brian Morris, William Holmes, and John Riddell.

Glasgow Experimental MRI Centre (GEMRIC)

Glasgow Experimental MRI Centre (GEMRIC) is a pre-clinical MRI centre situated within the Garscube Campus of Glasgow University.  The centre is housed in a custom-designed building containing two Bruker 7 Tesla pre-clinical MRI scanners, along with a fully equipped surgical suite, animal holding rooms and a physics workshop.

GEMRIC users from CfN include William Holmes, John Riddell, and Cassandra Sampaio Baptiste.


Clinical researchers include Willie Stuart, Keith Muir, and Euan McCaughey.