Centre for Neurotechnology

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The Centre for Neurotechnology is committed to developing intelligent devices that communicate with the nervous system and stimulate it in ways to restore or improve its function. 

The centre was officially launched on 25th March with a scientific workshop which was attended by ~150 delegates.

Centre for Neurotechnology launch event

Programme for Neurotechnology Workshop v2

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform lives by creating new technologies to address big societal challenges like healthy aging, mental health, and to ethically deploy these technologies. To realise this bold vision the Centre unites a highly interdisciplinary team of scientists with backgrounds in Neuroscience, Engineering, Medicine, Psychology, Physics, Philosophy, Law and Education.

Our Goals

Together with our clinical and industry partners we aim to:

  1. Develop new technology to measure and stimulate the nervous system to improve/modulate cognitive function in health and disease.

  2. Fuse silicon-based and neural computing to develop next-generation brain computer interfaces (BCIs).

  3. Develop new statistical/BCI tools to deliver personalised stimulation protocols.

  4. Address philosophical, ethical and legal aspects of Neurotechnology.

  5. Investigate the potential of Neurotechnology in education and health inequalities.

About Neurotechnology

We are part of one of the fastest growing field in the academic and industry sectors. Currently implants are being developed to restore vision in blind people, allow people with tetraplegia to shake hands with US presidents, and treat psychiatric illnesses such as depression.

Neurotechnology has enormous potential to treat neural and mental diseases where conventional drug-based therapies have failed, because Neurotechnology honours the enormous complexity of the nervous system to deliver the proper stimulation at the right time and the right location for the right individual.