Centre for Neuroscience

The Centre for Neuroscience (CfN) acts as a bridge from basic neuroscience to both clinical neuroscience and experimental psychology. The centre focuses on topical translational themes: Spinal cord and brainstem circuits that underlie pain, motor control and breathing; psychiatric and neuro-developmental conditions such as schizophrenia, stress and Rett syndrome; molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission and plasticity; circadian rhythms; visual perception; cyclic nucleotide signal transduction; neural circuit basis of information processing, learning, and decision-making.

The CfN was formed in 2010 to provide a focus for preclinical and translational neuroscience, and to exploit the evolving opportunities for translational and inter-disciplinary research within the University.

Principal Investigators
Spinal Cord Group

Hachisuka, Hughes, Maxwell, Riddell, Todd, Weir

Brain Circuits Group

Craig, KohlMorris, Sampaio

Experimental Approaches
  • anatomical (e.g. immunocytochemistry, tract-tracing, confocal/electron microscopy)
  • electrophysiological (in vivo and in vitro recording, patch-clamp, optogenetics)
  • molecular biological (molecular genetics, functional genomics)
  • behavioural (cognition, learning, decision-making, pain, respiration, stress)
  • imaging (multi-photon and mini-scope in vivo).

CfN Publications