School Management


Head of School Kate Jeffery
Deputy Head of School Lisa DeBruine
Head of Professional Services Dianne Masson
Deputy Head of Professional Services Claire Gallagher
Learning & Teaching Manager Lynda Young
Head of IT John McClure
IT Manager Raymond Elma
Facilities Manager John Shaw
Director of Education Heather Clelland Woods
Deputy Director of Education  Emily Nordmann
Director of Research John Riddell
Director of Innovation Frank Pollick
Deputy Director of Innovation Shajan Gunamony
Head of Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging (CCNi) Gregor Thut
Head of Centre for Cognition, Language and Metascience (CLM) Dale Barr
Head of Centre for Neuroscience (CfN) John Riddell
Head of Centre for Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (cSCAN) Rachael Jack
PGR Strategic Lead Monika Harvey
PGR Convenor David I Hughes
PGR Convenor Martin Lages
ECR Representative Maria Gutierrez-Mecinas
ECR Representative Katarzyna Jaworska
Chair of the Learning and Teaching Committee  
Chair of the EDI Committee Cassandra Sampaio Baptista
Chair of the Environment Committee Maria Wimber 
Chair of the Ethics & Integrity Committee Lisa DeBruine
Grant Writing Theme Lead Marios Philiastides
Publication Writing Theme Lead Edwin Robertson

School of Psychology & Neuroscience School Executive Group

Please visit the SPN School Executive Group for terms of reference.