Particle Physics Theory

The Glasgow Particle Physics Theory group researches fundamental particles and their interactions. We are principally interested in phenomena that can be probed at current and next generation particle colliders, such as the Large Hadron Collider, SuperKEKB, and the International Linear Collider. We use our current model of particle physics, the Standard Model, to make predictions that can be tested by our experimental colleagues. We also examine models of exotic new physics beyond the Standard Model.

In particular, we focus on the behaviour of the strong force as described by Quantum Chromodynamics, both at high energies (via perturbation theory) and at low energies (via lattice QCD); the physics of the Higgs boson; and models beyond the Standard Model such as supersymmetry, extra dimensions, and little Higgs.

The main areas of research pursued by our group are:

Recent student theses