Medical Genetics and Genomics

A multi-award-winning team of teaching and research staff, leading three full Masters programmes (the Royal Society of Biology accredited MSc in Medical Genetics and Genomics, the MSc in Clinical Genetics and the European (EBMG)- and UK (GCRB)-accredited MSc in Genetic and Genomic Counselling) attracting numerous high-achieving international students. Many of the programmes' approximately 1000 graduates now, themselves, lead highly successful research laboratories, diagnostic labs and genetics departments around the world.

The Medical Genetics and Genomics team also lead a wide range of digital cutting-edge educational developments used worldwide. These include:

  • several massive open online courses (MOOCs), including: Cancer in the 21st Century - The Genomic Revolution (the UofG's first MOOC) and other, new, MOOCs
  • the worldwide genetic and genomic resources guide, endorsed by the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) and the international Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) and used in 120 countries
  • five free educational genetics & genomics smartphone apps, approved by the major international app stores and used globally
  • two new international VR immersive learning apps for molecular diagnostics lab simulation and 3D molecular visualisation, on the Edify platform, with other UofG co-leads.

Research collaborations: with, for example, the Sanger Institute, MRC Harwell (Oxford), Frances Crick Institute (London), NHS Clinical Genetics, the Scottish Genomes Partnership and the Developmental Endocrinology Research Group (UofG)

Educational scholarship collaborations: with the ECMGG Examination Committee, ERN ITHACA, the ESHG Education Committee, the international Human Genome Organisation, the Genomic Medicine Foundation and the Murdoch Institute (Melbourne).

Outreach activities: award-winning public engagement activities, for example with local schools, with the ESHG, UK Science Week, national Explorathon events and online.

Postgraduate Research Degree Applications

After discussions with your proposed Supervisor, applications should be submitted using the University of Glasgow Online Application System. Please select the following subject title: Clinical and Surgical Sciences. Find Further information on PGR Clinical and Surgical Sciences.