Palliative and End of Life Care

Palliative & End of Life Care photo montage

High quality palliative and end of life care is recognised as a human right for citizens across the globe. Our vision is to create world-leading interdisciplinary research leading to enhanced quality of life for people with life-limiting conditions and their family members/carers. The views of patients and carers are vital to help keep our research up to date with what ordinary people want and need from palliative and end of life care services public to help inform and shape our research agenda. Follow this link to find out more on our Patient and Public Involvement Research Group. We embrace World Health Organisation values for palliative care to prevent and relieve suffering using a holistic approach that addresses physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs.

Professor Bridget Johnston is an expert in the field of end of life care and has a clinical, educational and research background in palliative and end of life care. She has published widely on this topic. She is a member of the University of Glasgow’s End of Life Studies Group. Amongst other work she leads a Glasgow based palliative care grant-writing group that draws on practice-based knowledge and local voices to produce original research that can be translated into everyday life caring contexts.

We link to the End of Life studies group.