Dr Samantha Pilgrim

  • Research Assistant (Mathematics)



Bachelor of science in mathematics, june 2017 – Indiana University

M.S. in mathematics, june 2020 – university of Hawai`i at Mānoa

PhD in mathematics, december 2022 – university of Hawai`i at Mānoa


Graduate Assistant, Fall 2018 to December 2022  – UH Mānoa

Research Assistant, January 2023-present – University of Glasgow




Teaching Experience

Instructor of Record -- UH Mānoa

Calculus I (Summer 2018, Fall 2021)

Calculus II (Spring 2020)

Precalculus (Spring 2022)

Teaching assistant -- UH Mānoa

Calculus I and II (Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2020, Spring 2020)

Calculus for the life sciences (Fall 2019, Fall 2022)

Mathematics for elementary school teachers (Spring 2021)

Assisted other graduate students preparing for qualifying exams (Summer 2020)


Additional information


Samantha Pilgrim. Isometric Actions and Finite Approximations. Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems. 2022

Samantha Pilgrim. Isometric Actions are Quasidiagonal. Accepted for publication by Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics. 2023

Samantha Pilgrim. On Sharp Bounds for the Dynamic Asymptotic Dimension. Arxiv preprint. 2023


2021 Sara Ann Martin ARCS award in Mathematics

Invited Talks

ARCS research symposium (2021)

Culminating workshop speaker -- Groundwork for Operator Algebras Lecture Series (2021)

JMM special session on advances in operator algebras (April 2022)

Oberseminar in Muenster (Summer 2022)

Culminating workshop speaker -- Groundwork for Operator Algebras Lecture Series (2022)

East Coast Operator Algebra Symposium (October 2022)

Operator Algebras in the South UK  (March 2023)

Operator Algebras Seminar in Odense (May 2023)

Contributed Talks

UH Mānoa AMS graduate seminar talk (Spring 2021)

Young Mathematicians in C*-algebras conference (Summer 2021)

Arizona State University C*-seminar (Fall 2021)

University of Hawai’i non-commutative geometry seminar (Spring 2022)

Young Mathematicians in C*-algebras conference (Summer 2022)

Service Experience

AMS graduate chapter -- UH Mānoa

     Secretary (2020-21 academic year)

     President (2021-2022 academic year)

     Planned social events for graduate students

     Helped organize math and science activities for

          elementary school students

UH Mānoa Directed reading program (2021)
Graduate representative on department graduate committee (2018-2021)
Peer mentor to new graduate students (2018-2021)
Organizer for analysis seminar -- University of Glasgow (2023)
Organizer for YMC^*A 2024 -- University of Glasgow (2023)