Dr Francesco Giglio

  • Lecturer in Applied Mathematics (Mathematics)

telephone: 0141 3304572
email: Francesco.Giglio@glasgow.ac.uk

Room 226, Mathematics and Statistics Building, University of Glasgow, Univeristy Place, Glasgow, G12 8SQ

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ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0003-1131-1560

Research interests

I am interested in problems concerning nonlinear partial differential equations of hydrodynamic type and applications to macroscopic systems at the equilibrium such as isotropic fluids, nematic liquid crystals and spin systems.

My research points towards the development of a recent approach to the thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of mean-field models based on the theory of integrable conservation laws.

Current research projects

  • phase behaviour of biaxial nematics subject to external fields
  • statistical thermodynamics of van der Waals fluids and fluid mixtures
  • phase transitions in QCD.

Research groups


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I have taught and coordinated a broad range of courses across different degree programmes. Exampels are Mathematical Biology (Glasgow, 2019-22), Writing and Presenting Mathematics (Glasgow, 2020-23), Fluid Dynamics (Newcastle, 2018-19) and Introductory Algebra (Newcastle, 2018-19).


I am keen in supervising Level 4 students on Projects in Applied Mathematics and Mathematics Education (Ambassador Scheme in Mathematics). I am also interested in offering Level 5 MSc projects. 


  • Jon Nimmo Prize 2020 for Teaching Excellence