Number theory

We cover a broad spectrum of number theory: rational points on varieties, arithmetic statistics, Galois representations and related topics, elliptic curves and higher dimensional abelian varieties. Our work has connections to representation theory, Lie theory, algebraic geometry and other areas.




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Number Theory - Example Research Projects

Our group has an active PhD student community, and every year we admit new PhD students. We welcome applications from across the world, and we encourage you to browse our available supervisors, and also to consult our general advice on how to navigate the application process.


Regular seminars relevant to the group are held as part of the Algebra and Number Theory seminar series. You can find a full list of the seminars within the school on the main seminars page, where you can subscribe to their respective calendars.

Number Theory is one of the oldest disciplines of mathematics, and has connections to almost all other areas of pure mathematics. 

Our research includes:

  • rational points on curves, surfaces, and higher dimensional varieties, utilising geometric, analytic, algebraic, and probabilistic techniques;
  • classical objects of interest in algebraic number theory such as class groups, elliptic curves, higher dimensional abelian varieties;
  • analytic number theory topics, such as the Riemann zeta and Dirichlet L-functions, the distribution of prime numbers, the circle method, and the Selberg and Brun sieves;
  • diverse topics at the interface of number theory and representation theory, including (integral) Galois module structure, Galois representations, and automorphic forms, with numerous connections to representation theory of finite and of linear groups, p-adic Hodge theory, Lie theory, combinatorics, and other areas.

More information about our group, our members, our activities, and a full list of our expertise, can be found at Core Structures.

Our group has an active PhD student community, and every year we admit new PhD students.  We welcome applications from across the world, and we encourage you to browse our available supervisors, and also to consult our general advice on how to navigate the application process.