Working with the Steenrod algebra: an introduction for algebraists

Andy Baker (University of Glasgow)

Wednesday 8th February, 2017 16:00-17:00 Maths 515



The mod 2 Steenrod algebra is an important object in Algebraic Topology.
 It is a cocommutative but non-commutative graded Hopf algebra over
 the field of 2 elements. Its dual is more tractible, being an infinitely
 generated polynomial algebra. It is a union of finite dimensional sub-Hopf
 algebras (each of which is a Poincare duality algebra) and so is self-injective


 I will discuss the above then talk about the case of two of the finite Hopf
 algebras which play an important role in stable homotopy theory, in
 particular their stable module categories, Picard groups and so on. This
 will be based on work of Adams, Priddy, Milgram and especially Mahowald.


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