Thick subcategories of d-abelian categories (report on joint work with Martin Herschend and Laertis Vaso)

Peter Jorgensen (Newcastle University)

Wednesday 23rd November, 2016 16:00-17:00 Maths 522


Let d be a positive integer.  The notion of d-abelian categories was introduced by Jasso.  Such a category does not have kernels and cokernels, but rather d-kernels and d-cokernels which are longer complexes with weaker universal properties.  Canonical examples of d-abelian categories are d-cluster tilting subcategories of abelian categories.

We introduce the notion of thick subcategories of d-abelian categories and show a classification of the thick subcategories of a family of d-abelian categories associated to quivers of type A_n.

If time permits, we show how thick subcategories are in bijective correspondence with a particularly nice class of objects which we call thick generators.

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