Spatial disorder in models of physiological transport

Prof. Oliver Jensen (University of Manchester)

Thursday 18th May, 2017 14:00-15:00 110 Mathematics Building


(Lunch with the speaker will be at One A The Square, leaving from the school front foyer at 12.45.)

Like many biological tissues, gas exchange organs such as the placenta and lung have a high degree of spatial disorder at multiple lengthscales. There is structural variation within and between individuals, and geometric uncertainties can present significant challenges to computational models of transport processes. I will describe some model problems addressing the applicability of homogenization (and other forms of spatial averaging) to such disordered systems. These problems relate to solute transport past an array of disordered sinks [1] and lung airway flows [2, 3]. This is joint work with Igor Chernyavsky, Tobias Galla, Matthew Russell and Feng Xu.

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