Flow equivalence and orbit equivalence for shifts of finite type and isomorphism of their groupoids.

Eduard Ortega (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Tuesday 6th December, 2016 16:00-17:00 Maths 522


In this talk I will give conditions for when continuous orbit equivalence of one-sided shift spaces implies flow equivalence of the associated two-sided shift spaces. Using groupoid techniques, one can prove that this is always the case for shifts of nite type. This generalises a result of Matsumoto and Matui from the irreducible to the general case.
As an application I will show two topological Markov chains are flow equivalent if and only if there is a diagonal-preserving isomorphism between the stabilisations of the corresponding Cuntz-Krieger algebras.
This is a joint work with T.M.Carlsen, S.Eilers and G. Restorff. 

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