Hemodynamic Analysis of Vasodilation Function in Microcirculation through Numerical Modeling

Dr Ying HE (Dalian University of Technology (China))

Friday 13th May, 2016 14:00-15:00 Maths 522


In this talk, the research work currently being performed in a biomechanics research group at School of Energy and Power Engineering in Dalian University of Technology will be introduced. Particular interests will focus on the modelling of the autoregulation of blood flow in arterioles by taking into account the viscoelastic behavior of arteriolar wall and the active force caused by muscular tones, multilayer diffusion, and kinetic process in the wall. As a critical endothelium-derived substance, Nitric Oxide (NO) plays an important role in mediating vasodilation. Thus, the characteristics of NO transport in system of permeable microvessel and tissue will be further described. The movement of RBCs in a permeable vessel will be presented as well. 

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