Functional analytic aspects of renormalization on Lorentzian manifolds

Kasia Rejzner (University of York)

Tuesday 16th February, 2016 16:00-17:00 Maths 522


Renormalization is a powerful technique used in QFT to obtain theoretical models that have an impressive agreement with experiment. On the mathematical side, it is known since the seminal paper of Epstein and Glaser from 1937 that the renormalization problem can be reduced to the problem of extending certain distributions. This idea was further improved by Steinmann, and in 2000 Brunetti and Fredenhagen used these ideas to propose a new framework for renormalization on a large class of Lorentzian manifolds. In this talk I will present the main features of this framework and explain how it can be applied to physically relevant models, including gauge theories and effective quantum gravity.

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