Operator algebras associated with subshifts

Evgenios Kakariadis (University of Newcastle)

Tuesday 24th November, 2015 16:00-17:00 Maths 522


A subshift is characterized by a set of allowable words on $d$ symbols. In a sense it encodes the allowable operations an automaton performs. In the late 1990's Matsumoto constructed a C*-algebra associated to a subshift, deriving initially his motivation from the work of Cuntz-Krieger. These C*-algebras were then studied in depth in a series of papers. In 2009 Shalit-Solel discovered a relation of the subshift algebras with their variants of operator algebras related to homogeneous ideals. In particular a subshift corresponds to a monomial ideal under this prism.

 In a recent work with Shalit we take a closer look at these cases and study them in terms of classification programmes on nonselfadjoint operator algebras and Arveson's Programme on the C*-envelope. We investigate two nonselfadjoint operator algebras from one SFT and show that they completely classify the SFT: (a) up to the same allowable words, and (b) up to local conjugacy of the quantized dynamics. In addition we discover that the C*-algebra fitting Arveson's Programme is the quotient by the generalized compacts, rather than taking unconditionally all compacts as Matsumoto does. Actually there is a nice dichotomy that depends on the structure of the monomial ideal.

Nevertheless in the process we accomplish more in different directions. This happens as our case study is carried in the intersection of C*-correspondences, subproduct systems, dynamical systems and subshifts. In this talk we will give the basic steps of our results with some comments on their proofs.

This is part of a joint work with Shalit.

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