Locally compact C*-simple groups

Sven Raum (University of Muenster)

Tuesday 6th October, 2015 16:00-17:00 Maths 522


In this talk I present my recent work on locally compact C*-simple groups. A locally compact group is called C*-simple if its reduced group C*-algebra is simple. Work of Kalantar-Kennedy, Breuillard-Kalantar-Kennedy-Ozawa, Le Boudec, Kennedy and Haagerup gave a satisfactory shape to the theory of discrete C*-simple groups.  This success motivates research on locally compact C*-simple groups.

I will shortly review recent work by the above named authors on discrete C*-simple groups.  I will then show that every C*-simple group must be totally disconnected and present my recent construction of first examples of non-discrete C*-simple groups.

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