SMART studies and the personalization of medical care

Erica Moodie (McGill University)

Wednesday 21st May, 2014 11:00-12:00 Maths 326


Current practice in randomized trials focuses on identifying the single best treatment for a particular condition. Clinical practice, however, has consistently been more concerned with a patient- rather than disease-centric approach. Dynamic treatment regimes are part of a rapidly expanding area of research whereby such personalized treatment strategies can be identified. These methods can lead to improved results over standard `one size fits all' approaches, and provide a route to formalizing treatment changes which are currently often done using ad hoc approaches. I will give an introduction to dynamic treatment regimes, focusing primarily on sequential multiple assignment randomized trials (SMARTs), the best means of obtaining high-quality data to determine optimal treatment regimes. I will then demonstrate how, in a pharmacological context, simulations may be used to help narrow the field of potential regimes studied before embarking on a SMART.

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