Reconnection Events in Classical, Quantum and Magnetized Fluids

Monday 16th-Thursday 19th June, 2014 227A & B, St Andrews Building, Eldon Street


Thanks to the kind support of the European Science Foundation the University of Glasgow will be hosting a workshop in June focused on reconnection events in classical, quantum and classical fluids. Reconnections are dramatic events, leading to irreversible changes in the topology of a system. In particular they are crucial in understanding magnetic fields in rarefied plasmas, such as the solar corona, and the dynamics of quantised vortices in superfluid helium. Yet these two research communities remain distinct, with little opportunity to discuss recent breakthroughs and common problems. The goal of this workshop is to bring together leading researchers in these fields to discuss open and important problems. The hope is this workshop will pave the way for future progress in both fields, as well as establishing communication and collaboration between scientists from different areas.

For further information please visit the conference website.

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