Micro/Nanomechanics in Engineering and Biological Systems

Dr Jinju Chen (Newcastle University)

Thursday 15th May, 2014 14:00-15:00 Maths 326


Micro/nanomechanics is to study the mechanical responses of the materials at micro/nano scales. This has attracted great attention in the past 20 years because micro/nanomechanics plays an important role in various systems ranging from engineering coatings to biological systems.

Nanoindentation technique has proven effective to characterize the mechanical responses of engineering materials and biological materials at such small scales.  With appropriate mathematical models, this technique enables assessing the fracture toughness and interface adhesion of thin coatings (with thickness below 200nm) which often determine their performances in service.  It can also be adopted to determine the mechanical properties of biological tissues and cells which are useful to quantify the biomechanical effects of diseases and aging. 

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