Modelling of tear propagation in fibre-reinforced soft tissue

Lei Wang (University of Glasgow)

Friday 24th January, 2014 16:00-17:00 Maths 417


Prediction of soft tissue failure may yield a better understanding of pathogenesis and help to advance diagnostic and therapeutic strategies of many injury diseases.  We clarify the theoretical base for modelling tear propagation in fibre-reinforced tissue, with anisotropy and hyper-elasticity, by following the Griffith energy balance theory widely used for crack growth in brittle material. And then a corresponding computational framework for calculating energy release rate G is proposed with two parts: obtaining equilibrium state via FEAP with our subroutine for HGO constitutive law and then calculate G from the deformation. Some interpolation techniques is also used to improving the efficiency. As an example, we shows calculation of G(a,p) for a tissue strip with a pre-existing tear of length a under internal pressure p and indicates method for building a chart for quick evaluating the potential of tear propagation. The calculated region with energetically favourable propagation agree with physiological observation. To end, we reclaim the assumptions and scopes of the model and discuss further efforts for realistic application.  

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