LMS Workshop on Classical and Quantum Integrability

Friday 21st-Saturday 22nd March, 2014 Maths 326


The list of speakers are as follows:

  • Sergey Oblezin (Nottingham): Baxter operators for particle systems and local L-functions
  • Pavol Severa (Geneva): Moduli spaces of flat connections and quantization of Lie bialgebras
  • Claudio Sibilia (ETH Zürich): Chen homological connection for G-spaces
  • Tom Sutherland (Sheffield): Hitchin systems and stability conditions
  • Bart Vlaar (Amsterdam): Reflection quantum Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations and Bethe vectors
  • Dafeng Zuo (Hefei, China): Local matrix generalizations of W-algebras

Talks run at 2pm-5:30pm on Friday the 21st, and 9am - 12:30pm on Saturday the 22nd, in Mathematics 326.

Further details are available at http://abrochier.org/cqi2014/

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