Design and Manufacture with Advanced Composite and Porous Materials

Dr. Philip Harrison (University of Glasgow)

Thursday 23rd January, 2014 14:00-15:00 Maths 326


This talk will begin by outlining some of the of design and manufacture challenges facing the composites industry and will focus on recent work by Dr Harrison’s Materials and Manufacturing Group in the School of Engineering aimed at addressing some of these issues. Specific topics will include:  

  • modelling and characterisation of the large deformation mechanics of advanced composites and their precursors
  • characterising and modelling variability in advanced composites
  • low-cost manufacture of steered fibre laminates
  • and multi-scale modelling of porous materials

A common theme throughout the work is in understanding how manufacturing influences a material’s micro or meso-structure and how this structure subsequently influences the material’s mechanical behaviour. The work explores the use of both established and novel characterisation methods in understanding the mechanical response of these materials and looks at various techniques to introduce the measured mechanical response into numerical simulations through a mix of continuum, multi-scale and numerical modelling approaches.

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