Anatomically accurate multiscale-multiphysics models of total cardiac function

Prof. Gernot Planck (University of Graz)

Thursday 6th February, 2014 14:00-15:00 Maths 326


Despite the overwhelming wealth of data available today, gaining mechanistic insight into cardiac function remains to be a challenging endeavour due to the multiscale/multiphysics nature of cardiac function. Computer simulation has become a powerful adjunct to experimental studies, but current modeling methodology imposes severe limitations, forcing research to resort to overly simplified modeling assumptions. This talk will highlight recent methodological advances in terms of modeling organ scale cardiac anatomy and electro-mechanical function at high spatial resolution. The presented methods aim at lifting many of the current modeling restrictions to enable computational studies where model complexity is chosen as a function of the question being addressed, and not based on feasibility constraints. The use of advanced numerical methods is of pivotal importance to reduce execution times, thus facilitating quick simulation-analysis cycles. Application examples will be presented including studies on mechanisms underlying the formation and maintenance of cardiac arryhthmias and their treatment by defibrillation therapy.

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